• Unity

    Unity is a cooperative two player meta video game. On the surface, its aesthetics and controls are familiar, although players quickly realise it challenges the linear structure of video games by breaking patterns and expectations of the medium. On a social level, it is an experiment which, through humour and satire, aims to highlight how much trust and power we give to this highly lucrative industry.
  • Fish Frequency Modulator

    By color tracking the fish, it's modulating the frequency of a square wave. The horizontal axis is changing the amount of oscillation and the vertical axis changes the pitch.
  • Musical Traffic Light

    In todays society everyone is living in their virtual reality. This installation/performance uses traffic lights to force interaction, since they have to use them to cross the street.
  • Olympic eGames

    Currently the Olympic Games include very long established sports, yet when we look at the development of eSport, it will soon deserve a place in the Olympic Games. If eSport continues to grow at the current rate, they could even bypass traditional sport. The enormous growth of the industry in North America and Europe shows that we will overcome a similar process as Korea, where eSport is part of the culture and professional video gamers are unquestioned athletes.

    Click here to download the thesis
  • Renewable Playground

    There are plans to change the watertoren of Zoetermeer to a knowledge center for renewable energy. To elaborate this, I've designed an interactive playground which converts energy to light, sound and movement.
  • Functionality is beautiful

    How technology can change the traffic safety and flow.
  • Catching the train

    I hate to wait for the train, therefor I mostly leave at the last moment to catch the train. This usually results in being in a rush, as I recreated in the video.
  • Restocked

    Restocked is a webshop which offers an interesting mix between limited, luxurious and handmade yet afforable clothing. Restocked explores new and unknown brands, but we also enjoy some established brands.

  • Blackbox

    Inspired by human senses I have created a lamp that responds on movement. The movement is measured by an accelerometer that converts movement into light. When you rotate the blackbox it's color and brightness changes.
  • MX3D

    This company researches and develops groundbreaking robotic 3D print technology. Robots print sustainable materials such as metals and synthetics in virtually any size or shape. Their engineers, craftsmen and software experts bring together digital technology, robotics and traditional industrial production. As a part of my internship at Joris Laarman Lab, I was asked to create the visual identity for MX3D.